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Jan 30, 2020 -The journey of Dr. Carter

Hear the beginning of the speech, Lessons Learned:Life and Leadership

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"Empowering you to illuminate your presence in your career"


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Toastmasters makes leaders

Video clips from an interview at the 2019 Toastmasters International convention in Denver, Colorado. This was part of an article written in the March 2020 Toastmasters magazine.  Read the full article here

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Dr. Carter: Speaking and Writing

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Published July 2020- Excited to share my thoughts on employee development in my article on page 30 - Maximizing Employee Learning and Development.

Women who feel unseen in the workplace coach with me when they are ready to make their voice visible.

I empower them with tips, tools and resources that will illuminate their presence and increase the profits for their organization. 

"If you feel like obstacles are in the way this book is a must for your library"

Member of the Black Speakers Network

the dr. is in.....

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"Empowering you to illuminate your presence in your career"

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"Another piece of sage advice and direction from one of the soon to be masters of leadership training"


Published July 2020- I have written a chapter in this textbook, click the book to go to the IGI-global website (Chapter 6 - Member Value)

© 2016-2020 | Elizabeth Carter

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As a speaker, she is inspirational, passionate, and interactive,

As a leader, she is action-oriented, empathetic, beloved and a good listener,

As a person, she is humble, resilient, thoughtful and easy to talk to,

As a performance improvement partner, she is committed to help young professionals and mid-level managers grow their careers and make impacts on the business

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