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© 2016-2020 | Elizabeth Carter

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Looking for some quick tips to change your life? This book is for you!

Have you noticed that as you maneuver your life, there is quite a bit of knowledge that is not easily accessible? Even if you are “book-smart," “street-smart," or an Internet junkie, many of us are still struggling and looking for answers.  What we all wish to be is “access-smart." 

Dr. Carter presents Gaining A.C.C.E.S.S. to Lead Yourself: 16 Activities Critical to Continuous Evolution & Success for Self. With quotes from motivators including Jack Welch, Michelangelo, Mark Twain, Tony Robbins, and Nelson Mandela, Carter uses a conversational and candid tone while she shares stories of the bumps, bruises, and braveries that have impacted her life.

​This first book in the LEAP Series provides A.C.C.E.S.S., practical suggestions, reflection and action items in order to provide the missing key to help you get your next job, promotion, or opportunity and reach that lifelong dream or goal.  

​​We are our own worst critic, we dwell on the bad and forget the good...

Writing is therapeutic, you can express your feelings on paper and free your mind.

With this uplifting journal, every day you signify whether it was a good or bad day and then proceed to write three good things that happened and one bad thing. The balance of three-to-one helps lean your life towards the positive.

You end by writing one word that will uplift you for the next day. Let that last word be the release of the stress or the joy of enthusiasm. Strive to make more good days than bad days​.

leadership different than you thought it would be? This book is for you!

Being a leader is a scary thought. You are responsible for individuals who are not related to you and whom you cannot control 100%. This group of people does not look like you, think like you, talk like you, or have the same interests as you. These people may not even like you. Yet, somehow, you have to get them to follow you. Most of these same statements hold true for your role when you are being led. There is someone responsible for leading you. You cannot control, speak, or even think like that person. How can we effectively survive to do and be our best every day? 

In this second book of the LEAP Series, Dr. Elizabeth A. Carter once again provides you access to information based on situations that have impacted her life. Gaining A.C.C.E.S.S. to Lead Others: 14 Activities Critical to Continuous Evolution & Success for Self shines a spotlight on the three elements that have helped, hindered, and heightened her journey in leadership: chemistry, confidence, and communication. Including motivational quotes from pioneers such as John Quincy Adams, Oscar Wilde, Plato, and Helen Keller, Dr. Carter expands her use of alliterations and acronyms to entertain and educate her readers 

NEW BOOK: GAINING A.C.C.E.S.S. TO LEAD OTHERS.  Tips and tools to help you lead up, down and across your organization

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