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"Empowering you to illuminate your presence in your career"

© 2016-2020 | Elizabeth Carter

© 2016-2021 | Elizabeth Carter

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Praise for Gaining A.C.C.E.S.S. to Lead Others

“Another piece of sage advice and direction from one of the soon to be masters
of leadership training.  Dr. Carter has phrased things in such a way that the average and above average person can understand.  Those who need and want to improve their skills as leaders and communicators are well advised to seek and use this book as a guide and a reference.  Those who have read Dr. Carter's first book already know the quality of her work; this second book is even better; we look forward to the third book which I am sure is bound to be the best."
-P E Carter, MA - Educational Consultant

“Very interesting and insightful about the struggles in leadership!  Great reading for those early in their career and those in the middle looking for assistance!”  -L. Robinson, Brooklyn, NY





Praise for Gaining A.C.C.E.S.S. to Lead Yourself

“If you feel like obstacles are in your way this book is a must for your library.”     -G. Green, Dover, DE

“Educational and funny. I enjoyed it!  I called my granddaughters and told them that they need to read this book!”  -L. Robinson, Brooklyn, NY

“I just finished your book and it was awesome and informative. I am going to buy my grandson a copy and it will be a blessing to everyone who reads it.” - L Green, Macon, GA

“What a triumph!  Dr. Carter’s communication is clear, direct, and effective.  She leads the reader through ways to reflect upon a given situation and then through ways to take the necessary actions to change that situation. While reading her book, I was impressed by her grasp of so many of life’s “truths”, applicable to leadership and more.  Perhaps the most important, was understanding that success requires you to be nimble and to readily shift your “mind set” when needed.  This book will remain on my “shelf” and I know I will refer to it again, and again…and again.” -Pamela D. Straker, Ph.D., Psychologist, Healthcare Administrator

“I could relate to many stories in the book of your journey. The most was getting out of your zip code and knowing I could always visit home anytime.”  - F. Smith, Baltimore, MD

“Outstanding start to what promises to be an informative and self-helpful series of short and easy to read pieces about moving forward as a professional and a person.  Dr. Carter’s personal style captures the reader by its authenticity and humility coupled with practical and realistic “how to” specifics.  One looks forward to the next installments.”   -P. E. Carter, M.A., Retired NJ/DE/NY Educational Administrator